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Instant Scheduling on A-List improves and automates your recruiting pipeline

Recruiters who use Instant Scheduling see a 49% increase in candidates who accept first meetings on A-List.

The candidate selects an open timeslot on your calendar and an event is automatically created

2. Candidate selects a time

The conversation status is automatically updated in A-List. It can even sync changes to your ATS

3. Your pipeline updates

How does it work?

Specify a meeting length and interviewer when you send a request to a candidate

1. Send a request to chat

Most candidates are lost in the back-and-forth of scheduling

Candidate booking interface

  • Convert interested candidates when they are warmest
  • Provide a quick, simple booking flow optimized for every screen
  • Give your candidates the optimal first touch with your company

Designed to save you time

  • Delegate meetings to a specific team member or create a rotation of interviewers
  • You have complete control over your availability
  • No links to manage

Recruiter booking interface

Candidate booking email

  • Instant Scheduling automatically updates your conversation statuses in A-List
  • Calls go directly onto your calendar
  • Auto-sync your A-List pipeline to Lever and Greenhouse

Integrations to automate your workflow

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Supercharge your recruiting with Instant Scheduling

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